Who Are We?

Bob and Amelia have been on the spiritual path for 14 years together, searching for tools to help ease and harmonize the awakening of others.

Amelia has been a practitioner of healing arts since the late 80's and has researched and tested many different modalities and tools to select the ones that have the highest frequency and are easily integrated into one's daily life. Some of the modalities they have studied and use in the healilng sessions are: Shiatsu, Reiki, Transformational Breathwork, Matrix Energetics, Reconnective healing, The Work, EFT, and Yoga.

Amelia and Bob bring the power of conscious coupling to their work. The support of both the masculine and feminine perspectives creates a balanced platform to launch you on your journey to awakening.

We all come into this life filled with the Joy of Divine Expression. It's easy to become disconnected from that Divine Expression. It is our intention to help you bring that Joy back into your life, with grace and ease.


Bob and Amelia


Services Offered

Healing Session

Kate King Jewellery Consultation

Physical Space Clearing

Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation

Manifestation & Life Coaching

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Our Testimonials

I just want to thank you both for all you do for all of us. Your caring love, devotion and dedication toward the well being of others is so appreciated. The two of you make a great team! I love the energy and the interaction with those who are receiving your guidance. You have created a beautiful atmosphere of openness; a place that encourages the soul to flourish and sing. It’s a joy to visit with you both! Thank you so very much!
— DV
I LOVE THIS NECKLACE!!! I truly feel so much relief and balance. I have not wanted a glass of wine since putting it on and really cannot tell you how clear I feel. There is a hum coming from deep within. Absolutely incredible.
— JW, San Francisco
I just wanted to thank you again for your time, what a lot to think about! You accomplished more in one session than any therapist I’ve ever seen. I so appreciate the feedback, tools I can use.
— GW ("Repatterning")