Wisdom and Healing in Nature

Message from Le Source

Nestled in the moss- covered forest, watched over by the community of fairies and nature sprites with love and wonder there is a place of purity and a spring called Le Source. It is a place that one might almost walk past if otherwise occupied with the lists of things to do, or problems to solve. However, a place such as this, is emanating love and wholeness so completely and purely that even those lost in the densest of thoughts would take pause and look around, wondering what had arrested their attention momentarily.

Should one have the practice to enter the path with awareness and reverence, the gifts of this place are multiplied exponentially. The walk through the forest is filled with voices and blessings from the trees and the sweet tender wildflowers peaking up from the undergrowth. The mosses and the ferns are delightfully singing your welcome song. The birds and the insects flitter about, twittering joyfully that the one approaching has an open heart aligned to receive the treasure that Le Source has to offer. All of the beings that tend to this environment do so with reverence, devotion and pure love, with the intention to sustain the beauty and presence of the spring. She is their life line, they are her flow. Together they are creators of the fertility of life.

Others have arrived and been welcomed at this precious place in the past. A shrine to the Mother Mary is evidence of the homage that is paid by those whose families have been coming here for generations. And long before the Mary statue arrived there were those who came to give thanks and take part of the waters.  If you still your mind and body you can feel those that have given thanks standing silently in this place of creation. In its own soft and simple way, this spring has consistently provided for the people of this area. It is not well known or listed on any map, there is no road sign announcing its existence, many, many people will pass by the ingress without even noticing that they have just missed the opportunity to visit with the divine.  

After taking a moment to acknowledge Mother Mary and her guardianship over the spring, I take the stepping stones down to the water. Bowing my head low, on my hands and knees, I listen to the sound of the water flowing from the within the earth, out and down the split in the bank, and falling into the pool of water below. The flow of water drops only a few inches but the sound that it makes washes over me like a blanket of love and peace. I soak it in. I am transported simultaneously to each of the bodies of water that I have been guided to over these last 18 months of travel.  Some of these waters are healthy, powerful reminders of force of nature, others clogged and suffocating with the unconsciousness of mankind. I am suddenly and profoundly aware that this tiny pristine spring of water, far off the track of the tourists points of interest has a message for me…for us, for those that will listen.

“The power and the importance of my purity holds the potential for ALL the waters on the planet to return to their original, vibrant, pure, clean, fertile selves. This is the reason that all of the beings in this place are conspiring to maintain the vibration and sanctity of this forest. This is the message that we want you to share. To hold the vibration of purity and love is not only beneficial for oneself but it is ESSENTIAL for the possibility to exist for others as well. Never underestimate what your one vibration can mean for the whole, no matter how small or insignificant you may think you are in a particular moment.”

Bless you all from Le Source.

Amelia BelleComment